Experienced Annapolis Lawyers for Landlord-Tenant Lease Agreements

As a real estate focused practice, the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III is one of the leading law firms in the Annapolis area for reviewing, drafting, and negotiating landlord-tenant lease agreements.

Entering into a lease should never be taken lightly by either a landlord or tenant. For commercial leases, the agreement is usually long-term and binding, and a large sum of money is generally at stake. In the case of residential leases, landlords must comply with numerous consumer protection laws, as well as laws capping security deposits and protecting tenant privacy.

The Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III has extensive experience handling issues that may arise under commercial and residential leases, including:

  • Rent collections
  • Lease disputes
  • Evictions
  • Unlawful detainers
  • Escalations
  • Defense of lawsuits
  • Drafting leases, addendums, and other leasing documents
  • Claims under the Fair Housing Act

Wide-ranging assistance in commercial lease matters

Commercial leases are often subject to negotiation between the landlord and tenant, and there is no standard form for commercial leases. Details that should be outlined in the lease, and may be negotiated, include the rent and any escalations; any security deposit; the length of the lease; renewal conditions; permitted uses; utilities; payment of maintenance expenses, property taxes, and/or insurance costs; zoning assurances; conditions for termination; indemnifications; and more.

For clients entering into a commercial lease or already involved in a commercial lease as either a landlord or tenant, we can help ensure a beneficial agreement is reached at the outset of the lease arrangement, and assist with any issues that may arise over the course of a lease. Based on our experience, we are often able to foresee the likely outcome in particular circumstances, saving our clients significant time and money.

Incisive and helpful residential lease assistance

While generally simpler than a commercial lease, residential leases still pose numerous legal concerns to landlords and tenants. Our attorneys are prepared to handle issues that may arise under residential lease agreements, from collecting back rent to ensuring that evictions are handled properly.

Help is Available for Maryland Landlord-Tenant Matters

If you are a landlord needing assistance with rent collections, evictions, or almost any other legal matter, we can provide the advice and representation you need to effectively and efficiently resolve your concern. Likewise, if you are a tenant entering into a lease agreement or facing a dispute with your landlord, we can help you assert your rights as a renter. For more information about our representation in the area of landlord-tenant lease agreements, please contact the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans to schedule a consultation.

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