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horse boarding debt

Resolving Past Due Balances for Stable Owners

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Boarding stables frequently have disputes with owners of horses that are boarded there. These disputes come up for a number of reasons, some of the most common include: Quality of care of the horse(s); Stall and/or field conditions; Training program; Number of times the horse(s) will be fed and watered each day; Quality and… Read More »

contractor mistakes in Maryland

Common Licensing Violations Committed By Certified Contractors

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Hiring a contractor to do work on your home or commercial property can be risky. With so many “fly by night” operators that are here today and gone tomorrow, you need to do you due diligence and thoroughly vet the contractor who will be working on your project. Some of the steps to take… Read More »

general contractor wage violations in maryland

New Maryland Law Makes General Contractors Responsible for Subcontractor Wage Violations

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

At a typical construction site, there are numerous workers doing various tasks to help complete the project. The workers could be employed by a general contractor, or they could be employed by a subcontractor who was hired by the general contractor. Up until now, general contractors only needed to worry about making sure they… Read More »

contractor damaged my home

Who Pays When a Contractor Damages My Home

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Hiring a contractor to perform work on a home is something that countless people do each year. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to finish your basement, remodel your kitchen, or install the luxury bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. Whatever it is, when you hire a contractor for work on your home, you have high expectations;… Read More »

How to sell your own home

How to Sell Your Home

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Are you thinking about selling your own home? It’s not uncommon for home sellers to question whether it’s a good idea to sell a home on their own versus hiring a real estate agent to manage the process. Your results may vary. Real estate markets fluctuate, and you might live in an area or… Read More »

What you should know when building your own home

Buying a Vacant Lot to Build a Home – What to Watch Out For

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

If you can’t find your dream home, you might have decided to create paradise from scratch by purchasing some vacant land and constructing a house. But before you get serious about looking at vacant lots, it’s important to know what surprises a transaction like this might bring to the table. Dealing with a land… Read More »

Contractor Fraud - Evans Law

Warning Signs as Contractor Fraud is on the Rise

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Most contractors working in the construction industry are highly skilled and knowledgeable about operating a legitimate business. However, there are instances when contractors have the single intention of defrauding customers and clients out of vast sums of money without completing any work. Contractors who are not properly licensed and bonded put the construction industry… Read More »

horse lawyer

Should I Buy a Horse Sight Unseen?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

If you are looking to buy a horse and want to expand your purchase options or follow the recommendation of a friend, you may be wondering if you should buy a horse sight unseen. Although some people do this and are satisfied, others find that there are problems with their purchase. Let’s look at… Read More »

equine contract

Equine Contracts and Genetic Conditions – Horse Owners Beware

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Some horse breeds are known to be predisposed to certain genetic conditions. Arabians can produce foals that are immune-deficient. Appaloosas are prone to eye problems. Quarter Horses are more likely to tie up. It’s only been a few decades since researchers discovered these conditions that impact certain breeds, but this knowledge should now play… Read More »

homestead tax credit

My Homestead Tax Credit Has Been Denied – Can I Appeal?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Anyone who owns property knows that paying property taxes is a given. Sometimes property taxes are difficult to pay, particularly when an individual’s income is not reflective of the amount of property taxes they owe. What’s more, as property values increase every year, taxable assessments can increase every year as well. This means that… Read More »

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