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Understanding Property Rights in the Age of Drone Technology

In an age of rapid technological advancements, the emergence of drone technology has raised important questions surrounding property rights. As drones become more prevalent in our skies, it is crucial for property owners to understand their rights and responsibilities. Perhaps even more importantly, drone operators have to know their rights and limitations when it comes […]

The Intricacies of Boundary Disputes and How to Resolve Them

Boundary disputes are a common occurrence that can cause significant stress and tension between neighbors. These disputes can arise for a variety of reasons, ranging from unclear property boundaries to disagreements over land use. When these issues arise, you must be prepared to assert your rights in a way that preserves the neighborly relationship and […]

Real Estate Law and Eminent Domain: What Property Owners Need to Know

Eminent domain is a concept that can strike fear into the hearts of property owners. In Maryland, where eminent domain is a powerful tool in the hands of the government, understanding your rights and options is crucial.  Understanding Eminent Domain and Its Foundations At the heart of eminent domain lies a legal principle that allows […]

The Intersection of Airbnb and Residential Leasing Laws

Airbnb, VRBO, and other short-term rental sites and apps have changed how residential renting occurs. While these platforms started as a way for homeowners to rent out their unused spaces for a little bit of extra money, they quickly became a business opportunity for those who could afford to buy residential real estate outright.  It […]

Legal Options for Breaches of Real Estate Contracts

Whether you’re buying or selling a home or a commercial property, your real estate transaction is likely one of the largest purchases you’ll ever be involved with. Even when everything goes smoothly, these transactions can be mentally draining and time-consuming. When something does go wrong and the other party breaches the contract, it could cost […]

Real Estate Law and Environmental Regulations: How it Affects Property Owners

Environmental regulations affect a growing number of real estate transactions as companies and government entities strive to protect our natural resources and habitats. However, environmental restrictions and regulations can have a profound impact on transactions, leading to negative outcomes for both buyers and sellers. No matter which side of the transaction you are on, it’s […]

Month-to-Month vs. Fixed-Term Leases: Legal Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, you’ve likely considered the benefits and drawbacks of both month-to-month and fixed-term leases while navigating the rental market. While there is no cut-and-dry answer about which type of lease is best for your specific situation, understanding the legal considerations of both types of leases can help you make the […]

Securing a Mortgage in Private Deals: Unique Challenges and Solutions

When you arrange to buy a home via a private deal, you may feel like you’ve won the lottery. The real estate market is increasingly challenging for buyers, and securing a property outside the normal market can help you skip much of the stress and anxiety that comes with finding the ideal property. However, finding […]

Tenant Rights During a Commercial Property Sale

When a property owner is selling commercial property currently utilized by tenants, it is crucial that they protect the rights of those tenants throughout the process. This can make the selling process slower, as they may be limited by the tenants’ hours of operation and other use of the space—but failure to uphold those rights […]

Breaking a Lease: The Legal Consequences and Potential Exemptions

A lease is a legally binding contract that outlines the responsibilities and rights of both the tenant and the landlord. Most tenants who sign a lease intend to stay out the entirety of their lease term, but life happens—and when the unexpected happens, breaking a lease may be the only option available. Leaving before your […]