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Common Legal Issues That Arise During the Sale of Real Estate in Maryland

When the sale of a property goes off without a hitch, it is a relief for everyone involved. Whether you are buying or selling, a lot can go wrong in any transaction. This is particularly true with private real estate sales, such as transactions that take place between family members, friends, acquaintances, or any other […]

7 Things to Know Before Entering into a Contractor / Subcontractor Agreement

A contract between contractors or project managers and subcontractors is known as a subcontractor agreement. This contract legally solidifies the terms between the two parties and helps ensure that the terms are honored by both sides. On their part, subcontractors should review the agreement and confirm specifics to ensure protection from unfair risk. In general, […]

What Are the Most Common Causes of Construction Disputes?

In Maryland, the construction process is largely smooth. However, there can be problems even with the most well-organized construction projects. Many parties are involved in construction projects, ranging from contractors and subcontractors to property owners. With so many parties involved, the circumstances are ripe for disagreements. In addition, a substantial amount of money is involved […]

Resolving Business Disputes Caused by COVID-19

Businesses will find themselves in an uncertain and challenging environment after the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is over. It is almost certain that the world will change in an unforeseen manner. In fact, the COVID-19 pandemic is being compared to the Great Depression with regards to its potential impact on the economy. There are […]

How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Impact the Maryland Housing Market?

In the two major metro markets in Maryland, the real estate sector started strong. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic led to unprecedented lockdown orders. MarketStats data indicates that in Washington and Baltimore metro regions, the highest median March sales prices peaked at the highest amounts in the past ten years. However, by the end of the […]

Are Landlords Obligated to Waive Rent in Maryland Because of COVID-19?

The ongoing Covid-19 crisis has created challenges for both landlords and renters pertaining to managing their finances. If you are a landlord, you may be wondering whether you have a legal obligation to waive your tenant’s rent if they express their inability to pay this month or the next citing coronavirus related economic disruption. To […]

How to Protect Your Construction Business from Risks Involving Subcontractors

A unique situation confronts general contractors and builders in terms of risk management. The law holds them liable to the owners for the actions and omissions on the part of their subcontractors. Therefore, it is vital for you to take the appropriate steps to protect yourself and your company as you work on job sites […]