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The real estate attorneys at the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III routinely handle ownership transactions on behalf of individuals, families, and businesses in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Successful ownership transactions take into consideration buyer and seller goals, and effectively translate those goals into legal reality. Our attorneys handle ownership transactions, ensuring our clients’ rights and interests in property are protected and promoted through deeds, contracts, title documents, contingency agreements, and other real estate transfer instruments.

Our real estate attorneys are qualified to draft, negotiate, and record the following types of ownership transactions:

  • Land contracts
  • Offers to purchase
  • General warranty deeds
  • Limited warranty deeds
  • Quitclaim deeds
  • Trust deeds

Deeds are the legal documents that transfer ownership of real property interests from one party to another. Although deeds are generally short documents, they embody the whole purpose behind the underlying real estate transaction—the transfer of property from one person or entity to another. Even once a real estate contract has been agreed upon and signed, the new property owner does not hold title until a proper deed has been delivered and accepted.

Ownership transactions may involve several different types of deeds, including general warranty deeds, limited warranty deeds, and quitclaim deeds. Land contracts generally provide the type of deed used to convey the property at issue. The deed used will name the buyer, called the grantee, the seller, called the grantor, and provide a legal description of the property. The person transferring the property must sign the deed.

A warranty deed is the most common type of deed used in ownership transactions. With a warranty deed, ownership is transferred to the buyer, and the seller explicitly promises he or she holds good title to the property. The other type of deed used fairly often for real estate transfers is the quitclaim deed. A quitclaim deed transfers any ownership interest the seller has in property, but makes no promises or guarantees about what that interest is or that title is good. Quitclaim deeds are generally used to clear up title problems, transfer property between spouses after a divorce, or in informal transactions between family members or friends.

Help with Complex Ownership Transactions in Maryland Real Estate Matters

Ownership transactions can be quite complicated depending on the complexity of the property rights being transferred, the amount of money being exchanged, and government regulations. For more information about our services in the area of ownership transactions, please contact the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced real estate attorneys.

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