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Deed Transfers Between Acquaintances: Ensuring Every Detail is Legally Sound

Transferring property is a significant legal matter requiring intensive attention to detail, an in-depth understanding of real estate law, and a knowledge of your rights and responsibilities. When you’re transferring property between friends or acquaintances, it’s common to hit some bumps in the road. People may expect you to bypass important steps or cut corners […]

Commercial Lease Renewals: Negotiating Terms in a Changing Market

As you approach the end of your lease period, it’s time to decide what you want to do next. If you like your current location but find the lease terms to be less than favorable, you may be interested in negotiating terms that are more to your benefit. It’s important to be prepared, though—jumping into […]

Pets and Leases: Navigating ‘No Pet’ Clauses and Emotional Support Animals

Renting out a house or apartment requires an in-depth understanding of both real estate and discrimination laws, as unintentionally violating either could land you at the center of a lawsuit. If you have a strict no-pet policy in your rentals, you may wonder what means for applicants with service animals or emotional support animals.  This […]

Private Sale Contracts: Crafting a Legally Binding and Fair Agreement

Private property sales make up a substantial amount of real estate transactions every year. While the vast majority of transactions happen with the help of agents on both sides, about 10% of sales happen through for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) transactions. When you conduct business without a realtor, you have to work much harder to ensure that everything […]

Mitigating Disputes: Essential Clauses to Include in a Residential Lease

As a landlord, it is crucial to protect yourself from negligent or malicious tenant behavior. A thorough and legally enforceable lease should be your top priority when bringing in a new tenant, whether it’s your first property or your fiftieth. In addition to checking your lease for all of the important clauses, consider consulting a […]

The Role of Environmental Assessments in Commercial Real Estate Transaction

When you are purchasing a store, restaurant, warehouse, office building, or other piece of commercial real estate, you have to clear a number of hurdles to get your loan approved and take ownership of the property. Your Annapolis lender will likely request an environmental audit as they work through the underwriting stage of your loan. […]

Zoning and Land Use: Critical Considerations When Buying Land From a Neighbor

When a neighbor gives you the opportunity to purchase their land, it’s incredibly exciting. It may be your chance to add an extension to your home, build your dream home, or plant the garden you’ve always had planned in your mind. However, just like purchasing property from family members, buying land from a neighbor can […]

Things Tenants Should Know About Triple-Net (NNN) Commercial Leases

If you plan on leasing a commercial property, you may have heard the terms “triple-net lease” and “NNN lease.” These are interchangeable terms that refer to a specific type of lease that is popular among both commercial landlords and their tenants. However, this type of lease has a unique structure and specific terms that can […]