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horse lawyer

Should I Buy a Horse Sight Unseen?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

If you are looking to buy a horse and want to expand your purchase options or follow the recommendation of a friend, you may be wondering if you should buy a horse sight unseen. Although some people do this and are satisfied, others find that there are problems with their purchase. Let’s look at… Read More »

equine contract

Equine Contracts and Genetic Conditions – Horse Owners Beware

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Some horse breeds are known to be predisposed to certain genetic conditions. Arabians can produce foals that are immune-deficient. Appaloosas are prone to eye problems. Quarter Horses are more likely to tie up. It’s only been a few decades since researchers discovered these conditions that impact certain breeds, but this knowledge should now play… Read More »

homestead tax credit

My Homestead Tax Credit Has Been Denied – Can I Appeal?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Anyone who owns property knows that paying property taxes is a given. Sometimes property taxes are difficult to pay, particularly when an individual’s income is not reflective of the amount of property taxes they owe. What’s more, as property values increase every year, taxable assessments can increase every year as well. This means that… Read More »

landlord law in Annapolis MD

Can I Sue for Unpaid Rent After Evicting a Tenant?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Maryland law often seems like it’s on the tenant’s side more often than the landlord’s. This can suggest that there have been or perhaps still are terrible property owners and property managers. Otherwise, why would there be so many specific regulations on the books to protect renters from unsafe living conditions, unreasonably high rent… Read More »

livestock liens in Maryland

Livestock Liens in Maryland

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

If you are like most horse owners in the state, you probably use the services of a stable to board your horse and to ensure that he or she receives proper care. If so, it’s important to understand Maryland statutes that pertain to liens on horses. What is a Lien? A lien is the… Read More »

property tax bill

Can I Appeal My Maryland Property Tax Bill?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Property taxes can be a significant personal and business expense. When the county tax appraiser’s office tells you that your property is worth a certain amount, you might think that you have no choice but to pay their bill or suffer the consequences. The reality is a bit different in Maryland, where you do… Read More »

liability waivers in the horse industry

Liability Waivers and Contracts in the Horse Industry

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Working with horses is an extraordinary opportunity and experience and Maryland certainly has some of the most beautiful horse country. However, anyone who has owned a horse, or is in the horse boarding, training, or breeding industry knows that working with a horses can change your life, and with that change comes many legal… Read More »

Maryland's homestead law

What is Maryland’s Homestead Law?

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Owning a home is something that most people take pride in – most homeowners have to work hard in order to afford the home in the first place, as well as maintain it over the years. In fact, the effort that goes into buying a home is one of the things that can make… Read More »

Airbnb Impacting Housing in Washington D.C. - Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III, LLC

Airbnb Impacting Housing in Washington D.C.

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

There is a worsening housing crisis in the District, and city regulators are attempting to ease the pressure on homebuyers and tenants by cracking down on short-term rentals. There are more than 31,000 hotel rooms in Washington D.C. alone, yet it has become increasingly popular for tourists and business travelers to seek lodging through… Read More »

Home Prices are Rising in Maryland and the DC area - Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III

The Current State of Residential Home Building

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Home buyers in some of this nation’s biggest housing markets are finding themselves in bidding wars as the supply of available homes begins to slow. Reuters reports that housing starts in May 2017 dropped 5.5 percent to their lowest level since September 2016. Home builders are increasingly attempting to move away from luxury housing in favor… Read More »

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