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Why Use Evans Law

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Like a good insurance policy, or like a well-built ship when a storm arises on otherwise calm waters, legal coverage often works best as a good preventative measure in situations that can become complicated when we least expect them to, keeping us safe when we are in a transitional period. The Challenges of Real… Read More »

Real Estate Legal Service You Can Depend On

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Finding an attorney who specializes in real estate law is not always easy. Many attorneys do no take on these cases for fear that the cases will be difficult and stretched out over long periods of time. However, if you are in the Annapolis Maryland area, you can rely on the Attorney Matthew S…. Read More »

Matthew Evans

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Are you looking for an attorney whose practice focuses on construction, real estate and land use law? If so, then you should consider contacting Matthew Evans. Matthew Evans is the founder of The Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III, LLC. This practice is located in Annapolis. It was founded in 2011. Evans had… Read More »

Contract Disputes

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Ideally, when people or businesses get involved in a contract, things will go smoothly. Two parties enter into a contract, and everything goes according to the terms of that contract. Unfortunately, things do not always work out that way. Sometimes, there are problems that arise. Unfortunately, disputes regarding contracts are not rare. For some… Read More »

Enlist the Help of Experts in Civil Litigation

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Located in Severna Park in Annapolis, Maryland, the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III brings more than 15 years of expertise to the table when it comes to civil litigation in the community, proudly serving the courts of the District of Maryland, Circuit, Appellate and U.S District. When you need to get restitution… Read More »

Real Estate Brokerage Services

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

If you are looking for Maryland Real Estate Brokerage Services, then you should consider contacting The Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans. It was founded by Matthew S. Evans, III. The Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans offers full-service brokerage services in Severna Park. Matthew S. Evans, III has had over 15 years of… Read More »

Evan’s Law Offices Offers “Your In-house Counsel Program”

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

All of us at the Evans Law Office pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of legal and business services to our community in Annapolis and Severna Park, but what really sets us apart from our competition is our unique, “Your In-House Counsel Program.” We know in today’s economy real estate,… Read More »

Settlement Services

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Attorney Matthew S. Evans, III provides commercial and residential settlement services to the town of Annapolis, Maryland and all surrounding areas. Services are provided through United Title & Escrow, an affiliated company. This is a full service real estate settlement company that has been locally owned and operated for over three decades. Attorney Matthew… Read More »

The Benefits of Using a Broker

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Although we live in an age of do-it-yourself projects and services, there are times when it definitely pays to hire a professional. When it comes to hiring a real estate broker, there are clear advantages to having the experience and expertise of a broker working in your favor. The world of commercial real estate… Read More »

Matthew S. Evans, III named Top Annapolis Lawyer

By Matthew S. Evans, III. LLC |

Matthew S. Evans, III is pleased to have been named a Leading Lawyer for Real Estate Law in Annapolis by What’s Up Magazine. Mr. Evans founded the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans, III, LLC in 2011. Previously, he was a partner in one of the largest law firms in the country. Annapolis attorney… Read More »

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