Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans Celebrates 4th Year

The Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans is celebrating its fourth year of providing Annapolis and its surrounding communities with top-notch real estate and construction legal services.  The Evans firm also provides services for contract disputes, in-house counsel, civil litigation and settlement services.  We are continually committed to providing clients with the best legal advice available at the best rates.

We find that legal coverage often works best as a good preventative measure in situations that can become complicated when we least expect them to, keeping us safe when we are in a transitional period. This is especially true in Real Estate, Construction, and Land Use work, where proper guidance is necessary to achieve the best outcome and returns possible on your investments.

Although these areas can be among the most profitable sectors to invest in, they can also include permit and contract work that can be challenging. Having experienced and mindful counsel can make this process substantially easier to work through, however.

This is how the Law Offices of Matthew S. Evans III can best help you minimize risk in areas that are difficult to navigate, and allow you to concentrate more on your business or personal needs.

Through serving the Annapolis, Maryland and Washington, D.C. area with more than 15 years of professional experience and public service, Mr. Evans has distinguished himself by specializing in the areas that will matter most to your business or private enterprise.

Contact us and find out why so many trust the Evans firm with their business and private needs.

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