Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is one of the most common types of lawsuit filed in the United States. A civil litigation suit is a legal dispute between two parties in which financial compensation, not incarceration, is the end goal. The lawyers who handle these cases are often known as ‘litigators’ or ‘trial lawyers’. There are many types of civil litigation suits, including education, landlord/tenant, and medical malpractice. These types of trials are broken down into seven major stages, the most important of which include pleadings, discovery, trial and appeal. Not every trial goes through seven phases, and most of the time spent on a litigation trial is devoted to the discovery phase, in which the parties involved exchange documents and information, in order to discover facts about the case.

The Law Office of Matthew S. Evans III, LLC, was founded in 2001 by Annapolis lawyer Matthew Evans. Mr. Evans has almost two decades of litigation experience, and has been practicing law since 1998. He specializes in civil cases, and has worked in the Maryland and U.S. District Courts, as well as the Circuit and Appellate Courts. The Law Office of Matthew Evans specializes in real estate, construction, and land use; however, Mr. Evans has experience in a wide variety of legal matters. Matthew Evans can represent you at hearings, trials, mediations and arbitrations, effectively representing at any level of the court system. If you would like to receive financial recompense, as opposed to criminal sanctions, Matthew Evans can fight for you fairly and confidently.

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