Real Estate Brokerage Services

If you are looking for Maryland Real Estate Brokerage Services, then you should consider contacting The Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans. It was founded by Matthew S. Evans, III. The Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans offers full-service brokerage services in Severna Park. Matthew S. Evans, III has had over 15 years of real estate law experience. He has also had experience in complex real estate transactions, such as foreclosures, Kind Exchanges and short sales.

You may be wondering, why should I choose the Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans? Regardless of whether you want to purchase commercial and residential property, they can help you. One of the many reasons that you should consider choosing this law firm is that they will help you save money. You will not have to worry about paying any attorney fees. All of the attorney fees are paid by the seller.

The Law Offices Of Matthew S. Evans is partnered with United Title. This means that they will take walk you through the whole real estate transaction process. It is difficult to find that with other real estate agencies.

It is not that hard to find a lawyer in Maryland. However, you may have trouble finding one that has experience in legal matters regarding construction, real state and land use. Real estate is one of the biggest investments that one can make. It is also one of the most complex investments that a person can make.

It is important for you to have an experienced attorney on your side like Matthew S. Evans, III. He has experience working with clients from clients from different backgrounds and catered to their specific needs. He brings the personalized services that is often missing at other law firms.

Construction law, real estate law, in house counsel, settlement services, contract disputes and civil litigation are examples of some of the specific services that Matthew S. Evans, III offers. Contact The Evans Law for more information.