Enlist the Help of Experts in Civil Litigation

Located in Severna Park in Annapolis, Maryland, the Evans Law brings more than 15 years of expertise to the table when it comes to civil litigation in the community, proudly serving the courts of the District of Maryland, Circuit, Appellate and U.S District. When you need to get restitution for damages or want to avoid criminal sanctions from the party in question, you can trust the confidential services of Matthew S. Evans, representing you in everything from trials and hearings to arbitrations and mediations.

Our legal services include real estate, construction, land use, and contract disputes, in addition to a specialty of civil litigation. Our consultation line offers confidential advice when you need it. We can help you decide how to handle a particular situation and let you know if you have a case. We also provide superior ad trusting in-house counsel, settlement services and brokerage services for your total convenience.

What is civil litigation? In its very basic form, civil litigation refers to the practice of non-criminal law. This branch of law encompasses a variety of issues, such as environmental law, product liability, intellectual property, personal injury, anti-trust, medical malpractice, labor, construction and worker’s comp. Different firms specialize in different areas, depending on specialties and experience. Come to us with your case and we’ll discuss with you possible ways to go about the situation. We will guide you in making the right decision about your civil litigation issue and ensure the most efficient solution to your dilemma.

The Evans Law can seamlessly address your specific civil litigation needs. With experienced attorneys behind you, you will receive the best in client satisfaction and attention, coupled with high-end know-how of how the legal system works in Annapolis, Maryland. We can negotiate settlement terms and proceed with litigation if need be. We treat each case as if it were our only one, for your peace of mind. We offer you effective and cost-efficient counsel throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, whether you’re a larg developers, small business owner, or home owner.